Process Controls Consulting

Expert Knowledge Applied to Difficult Problems

Adaptive’s Process Consulting service to the Manufacturing Industry is unique. While most Process Consultants focus on Business Processes or 6-sigma or similar techniques that approach process design from a statistical perspective, Adaptive approaches Process Design from a controls perspective. We focus on this question:

How can the process and instrumentation be designed to yield better control of the key process parameters?

The answer leads to better process design, better selection of instrumentation for the process and ultimately better control strategies. The result is the variability in the Key Process parameters can be greatly reduced. Once process variability is reduced, better quality, reduced waste, higher efficiency, lower energy usage, and higher productivity can be achieved.

Process Consulting and Design services include:
– High level process design evaluation
– Total Process Material Balance
– Instrumentation and Controls selection
– Control Strategy development
– Process Simulation
– Process Feasibility Study
– Yield Improvement Study
– Alternative Energy Study
– Energy and Utilities Recycling strategies