Advanced Controls: QuickStudy

QuickStudy Introduction

Powerful but Accessible Multi-Variate Controls

QuickStudy APC is Adaptive‚Äôs proprietary Windows-based Control Software that is simple to implement and easy to support. QuickStudy creates process models quickly and accurately by studying your existing process as it operates. It doesn’t need costly step tests, long set-up times or high-level expertise. The result is improvements in productivity, efficiency and quality.

QuickStudy Advantages

  • Reduces process variability, improving product quality and consistency
  • Minimizes transition times for product change-overs and line start-ups
  • Allows lines to be run at higher rates, increasing throughput
  • Tighter control of process decreases raw materials and energy used
  • Increase product quality on existing equipment, increasing profits and reducing capital expenditures
  • Improve plant safety as process variability is reduced resulting in fewer alarm trips, equipment adjustments and shut-downs