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Excel is a powerful application with many uses. It can be used as an inexpensive PLC interface when combined with a communication driver such as Kepware. Kepware can be downloaded from the company website and the demo version can be used for 2 hours at a time. A countdown timer is started when Kepware runs and after the 2 hour limit, it will have to be shutdown and restarted to reset the demo mode timer.

A license can be purchased online at any time to activate the software. The manufacturer website is accessed at

I recently used an Excel spreadsheet with Kepware to monitor PLC registers for a number of PID controllers. The following picture shows the Spreadsheet on-line and in use.

Quarterly-News-from-Adaptive-Resources-Fall-2013-2Although this spreadsheet is intended only for monitoring it could also be used to write to registers in a PLC. In this example the PLC is a Siemens S7 but this can be done with any PLC supported by

The first step is to configure Kepware to access the needed tags. In my case a Kepware opf configuration file already existed on a server running QuickStudy and using Kepware to communicate to the Siemens S7 PLC. I simply saved a copy from the server and put the file on my computer which I wanted to use in a remote office area to monitor the process. The following picture shows the Kepware configuration and one of the tags I wanted to monitor is high-lighted.

Quarterly-News-from-Adaptive-Resources-Fall-2013-3Notice the demo mode timer shown in the top information bar.

The following string was entered into a cell in Excel and used to display the contents of the desired register:


RFL2 is the channel name defined in Kepware

APC_PLC is the device name defined in Kepware

TIC100_RSP is the tag name used in Kepware

Once the cell is populated with the data from Kepware the cell can be referenced for a calculation, used for a bar chart, or other spreadsheet functions.

To write data to the PLC from Excel a macro is used to execute a DDE Poke.

For more detailed information a document is available from Kepware entitled KTAN90029_KepserverEx_and_Excel.pdf that can be downloaded from their website at

Doug Deiterman – Senior Controls Engineer

Adaptive eNews, Spring 2012

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