Adaptive Resources Brings Online Coal Analyzer to Power Plant Market

Adaptive Resources Brings  Online Coal Analyzer to Power Plant Market

{Carnegie, PA} Adaptive Resources struck a commercial agreement with Energy Research Company (ERCo) to commercialize its on-line coal analyzer that was jointly developed with Lehigh University. The analyzer uses Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS), an in-situ, real-time, laser based, optical measurement to measure the constituents of coal such as iron content, sulfur content, and more. LIBS measurements are made continuously and simultaneously and the raw spectra from the measurements are fed into advanced algorithms to infer higher order properties of coal including higher heating value (HHV), ash content, ash fusion temperature and more. The system provides real-time feedback to plant engineers and control systems to make feedstock adjustments for coal blending, combustion optimization, deslagging control, etc.

“Applying this technology is precisely what Adaptive Resources is about: bringing the best science to bear on the manufacturing processes,” said Chetan Chothani, President of Adaptive Resources. “ERCo and Lehigh University have developed a breakthrough tool that Adaptive can apply for real gains in the operation of coal-fired power plants.”

ERCo and Lehigh University’s Energy Research Center team developed the system including advanced algorithms to accurately measure and predict various coal properties that could then be used to optimize various boiler control processes. With this commercialization agreement, ERCo will manufacture the product, while Adaptive Resources will sell, install and service the units. Plants wishing to learn more or see a demonstration should contact Chetan Chothani at 412-431-4662 or


Since 1992, Adaptive Resources has applied scientific principle to advance process control. From their Quick Study suite of advanced control technology solutions to process consulting and systems integration, Adaptive has always focused on delivering the information and tools needed to manage the most complex manufacturing processes. Advanced Process Control Software, Consulting and Integration for: Food, Power, Metals and Manufacturing.

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Energy Research Company (ERCo), formed in 1991, is a small high-tech company, based in Plainfield, NJ, that conducts research in industrial energy and emissions related areas. ERCo has a number of federal and state R&D technology contracts as well as funding from commercial sources. ERCo develops technologies that it owns and typically licenses to others for commercial deployment. ERCo has been developing its coal-applied LIBS technology for over 15 years. ERCo also applies it LIBS technology for process control of molten aluminum and other industrial applications.

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